Founded by a team of industry professionals who have been providing waste management services. We proudly serve hospitals, clinics, laboratories, blood banks, dentists and funeral homes, as well as any facility that is looking for a safe and cost-effective way to dispose of their medical waste.

Medical waste trashman
Sam Spaccamonti

Sam grew up in Southern Colorado and Joined the U.S. Army in 2000.  After serving in OAF, and 8 years of service, Sam decided to try his hand at the business ranks.  Sam Started MEDWASTEAZ with a business card and a dream.

medical waste driver
Cody Martin 
RMW Guru

Cody joined the MEDWASTEAZ Team in early 2017.  Cody relocated from the Pacific Northwest after transitioning out of the U.S. NAVY.  Cody served as an "8404 Hospital Corpsman" and brings a lot of medical industry knowledge to our ranks. 

Troy Theriault

Troy joined MEDWASTEAZ 3 months after its opening and brings great value to the team.  Troy is a graduate of Marist College and brings the same tenacity to work as he did the football field.  This work ethic earned him the seat as General Manager.

Lacey Herman
Office Manager / Billing

Lacey is a mom, student, and our office manager/billing. She is currently working on her Associates Degree in Psychology, with hopes of running a nonprofit in the future focused on helping our countries veterans and their families.