Biohazard Waste Disposal Services

Medical Waste Disposal Services

Medical Waste Disposal Services Arizona is proud to provide a variety of medical waste transport and disposal services. We’re licensed and permitted to transport medical waste, and we work hard to make our services convenient, efficient, and affordable.

When you make us your medical waste disposal company, you get to choose which kind of service you use. We can perform regularly scheduled service; whether you have lots of medical waste or very little, this is a very useful service. We can stop by daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly to collect your medical waste–after which we will transport it and dispose of it securely, giving you a tracking manifest and certificate of destruction.

Biohazard waste disposal | Charps container disposal

Our on-call service is a good choice for those who don’t know how often they’ll need to dispose of medical waste, and who aren’t a fan of mail-back containers. Whenever you need medical waste disposal, give us a call, and we’ll come by, giving you the same service enjoyed by our regular customers.

What’s more, you can expect an affordable, straightforward invoice. Unlike many other companies, we have just one low flat rate. That means that there are no hidden fees, no additional charges, no administrative fees, no environmental fees, and no other confusing surprises. We’ve worked the price of everything into our flat cost, so you get exactly what you pay for.