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7 STEPS for Required CERS Registration (Existing Business Generating Medical Waste in San Diego Coun

CERS Guide for an Existing Business Generating Medical Waste

One of the most frequently asked questions that we get is, "What is CERS?". Businesses in San Diego County generating medical waste must apply and maintain a Unified Program Facility Permit (UPFP) which is now required to be updated on-line through the California Environmental

CERS Requirements

Reporting System (CERS). In order to help medical offices be in compliance with the electronic reporting mandate and to ease their burden of reentering information already captured in the County database, in December 2012, the County of San Diego, Department of Environmental Health (DEH), Hazardous Materials Division (HMD) pre-populated CERS with your business information from what we had in our internal database. The steps below outline how to request access to your Unified Program Facility in CERS and how to enter or verify your medical waste into the inventory element of CERS.

STEP 1: Create a CERS account.

STEP 2: Request access to your “Seeded” Facility.

STEP 3: Answer “Yes” in the Hazardous Materials box of the Business Activities form.

STEP 4: Fill out the Business Owner/Operator Identification form.

STEP 5: Enter or verify medical waste information in the Hazardous Materials Inventory submittal element.

STEP 6: Select “Exempt” for the Site Map requirement.


For more information, visit our Knowledge Center page for a complete guide on how to register in CERS and avoid unnecessary infractions.

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