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Make Infection Control a Top Priority in 2018

Sharps disposal and infection control

Infection control should be a top priority within any organization, but especially in body art facilities, schools, dentistry and long-term care settings. As baby boomers continue to age, more patients will enter these facilities. Often times, long-term care patients, children or individuals with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) have developing or compromised immune systems due to age or illnesses, making them more susceptible to contracting serious infections. One strategy for reducing the risk of spreading infections is creating a comprehensive respiratory protection program. Such a program helps organizations protect their staff if they are exposed to airborne pathogens, such as tuberculosis. Despite OSHA requirements, most body art facilities, schools, dentistry and long-term care facilities do not have a program in place, believing the risk of spreading serious infections is minimal. In recent, body art facilities, schools, dentistry and long term care facilities have started realizing the importance of infection control and have relied on San Diego Medical Waste Services to help implement the key components of infection control when it comes to medical waste, biohazard disposal and sharps disposal. San Diego Medical Waste Services, LLC also helps how organizations use resources provided by OSHA and the CDC to develop an effective, efficient program, shielding staff and patients and guests against airborne infection.