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10 answers to your medical waste needs

Sharps disposal and paper shredding

Which has more to offer, a local or national medical waste company? Ten answers to providing local, medical waste disposal:

1. What services does San Diego Medical Waste offer?

• Biohazard, pharmaceutical and sharps waste disposal • Medical waste disposal guide and compliance checklist • Paper shredding/document disposal • OSHA training

2. Is San Diego Medical Waste local?

Yes, it is a local, Veteran owned and operated business.

3. What is the service area?

San Diego Medical Waste services the entire San Diego County. For a complete list: San Diego Medical Waste Service Area.

4. Is the company compliant with regulations?

San Diego Medical Waste adheres to and is compliant with all rules and regulations, locally and federally: HIPAA, OSHA and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

5. What kind of training is offered?

San Diego Medical Waste offers OSHA training for all employees.

6. What kind of sharps disposal plan is offered?

Among them, the "ECO30" plan is a flat, fixed $30 a month.

7. How often are pick-ups? Are on-call services available?

Pick-ups occur daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or, conveniently, on-call services are available—great when it is not known how often a pick-up is needed.

8. What are the fees? Will my cost increase?

San Diego Medical Waste offers affordable fees. There is one, low, flat rate. There are no hidden fees and cost will not increase.

• No fuel fees • No environmental fees • No STOP fees • No Manifest fees • No set-up fees

9. Are free, no obligation quotes offered?


10. How fast will I get a response from San Diego Medical Waste?

Now! Contact San Diego Medical Waste’s team to get an immediate response: or

619-990-4604. San Diego Medical Waste has all your professional, medical waste needs.

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